Christina Marek

Artivist Sculptor, Owner of Liška Art Room


Clan: Toreador
Generation: 11th

Sect: Anarch
Affiliation: Artivists

Christina is a renowed Artist and famous for her weird, symbolic sculptures. She owns one of the few outside locations of the Artivist group, organizing social and cultural events throughout the Lindenau area.

One of the most influential and socially active Anarchs in Leipzig, Christina is respected and well-recognized in many circles.

Main Locations:
- Project Liška, Lindenau
- Werk II, Connewitz
- Moritzbastei


Born and raised in Leipzig, Christina Marek was one of the many anarchs embraced in the Connewitz riots. She was only 20 at the time, and is one of the younger kindred in Leipzig society.

Both her status and reach are quite remarkable, considering her relative youth.

Christina Marek

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