Jürgen Ackermann

Artivist Event Manager, Werk II


Clan: Toreador
Generation: 12th

Sect: Anarch
Affiliation: Artivists

Jürgen is the main organizer and event manager for the famous Werk II, and another prominent member of the Artivists.

Wherever he goes, he is accompanied by his beautiful lover and childe, the polish poet and songwriter Bronislawa Prusinski, nicknamed Moonchild.

Jürgen is a busy man and focused on business and promoting the cause. He attends social events rarely, but would never miss important gatherings or anarch council meetings.

Favourite Locations:
- Werk II
- Moritzbastei
- Atacolypse


One of the more radical Anarchs of the city, he is infamous among the city watch for killing a senior guardsman during the first december raid on Connewitz in 1994.

Ackermann stood up to the city watch by himself, many among Clan Brujah and among the Anarchs in general still consider him a hero.

Jürgen Ackermann

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