Juno Rebekka Bleiweiß-Morgenthau

The Child-Faced Dread, Malkavian Primogen



“It is estimated that every 14 seconds a man in the third-world dies to a Heckler-Koch weapon.”

“Grotesque dwarves in mirrored rooms
Pulled and taut a thousand yous
Staring back through stinging tears
Remembering those fun house thrills”

Siouxsie And The Banshees – Carousel

The meeting room fell silent as your eyes slipped to the next dusk-clad figure. Juno Rebekka Bleiweiß-Morgenthau, the Primogen of Clan Malkavian…so the little brass nameplate in front of her says. A petite woman in her late twenties. Expensive suit, striped tie, gray and black. A silver tieclamp lined with stern ornaments. Funeral attire, with an expression to match. In her tiny hands there sits a cup – on it’s side, the logo of Heckler & Koch. Distant and cold, almost choleric, she casts a long shadow across the room…and everyone on the council seems uneasy when words begin to pass her thin lips.

It is beyond your comprehension why the Seneschal would call that husk of a woman by such an affectionate name as Cippolina.


Juno Rebekka Bleiweiß-Morgenthau

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