Loony drifter, stimulus addict, life of the party


Clan: Malkavian
Generation: 12th

Sect: (Anarch)
Affiliation: Drifters

1-0-6-9 is sure to make quite an impression on anyone that crosses his path. Always going somewhere, but always getting caught up along the way, 1-0 spends alot of his time riding the Leipzig trams, socializing with people (kindred and kine alike) along KALI, and ingesting every kind of substance he can get into his system.

1-0 has a strange attraction, and if you’re not careful you might unexpectedly find yourself hanging out with him for the remainder of the night, debating philsophy, conspiracies, and “some of the most delicious bullshit you’ll ever hear”.

Completely batshit. But nice.

Styling himself One-Zero-Six-Nine, the old man with the peculiar, warm laugh will quickly tell anyone who will listen:

“One is for the whole, zero is for the nothingness, the six, ying, the nine, yang. The Universe.”

Favourite Locations:
- Atacolypse
- Sixtina Absintherie


After one beer, 1-0-6-9 will probably tell you that he was a teacher in a small town in Dorset, England in the fifties.

Some more intoxication, and he’ll start crying and talk about how the school fired him for changing his name to 1-0-6-9. Only to turn around, shrug off the cry, jump up from his seat, and hug a person that is sitting next to your table.

Interestingly, that person will not be angry, or offended, no, they will cheer, hug 1-0 wholeheartedly, and buy another round of drinks for him, and you. 1-0 will sip on the beer for a second, then excuse himself, only to return 20 minutes later with a hot blonde hanging around his waist and a fat joint in his mouth.

Another 20 minutes later, the blonde will have left (not without paying for another 2 rounds of booze first), 1-0 will look at you. Gravely. He’ll get out a napkin and a pen, and start drawing circles and rectangles, mumbling something about god, the universe, and karma.

He’ll brood over the napkin for a good 10 minutes, nervously turning the pen between his fingers; then hands you the pen, without saying a word.

Following an impulse, you draw a line, connecting the outer circle to the inner rectangle. It just felt like the thing to do.

1-0-6-9 will stare at you flabberghasted. He starts jumping up and down and high-5s you repeatedly. “YOU SOLVED IT! YOU SAVED ME!” he yells. The people sitting at the other tables give you amused looks.

And finally, it might be a reward, 1-0-6-9 will be ready to tell you about the aliens.

Well, yes, that’s what the human 1-0 used to be like. Life of the party. Delusional with a hint of truth to it.

It is no wonder the Malkavians took an interest in him.


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