Siegfried Lorenz

FAUST Officer, former Sheriff of Leipzig


Clan: Brujah
Generation: 6th

Sect: Anarch
Affiliation: FAUST

Siegfried Lorenz is a very old Vampire, that has spent most of his unlife firmly bound to Leipzig.

The former Sheriff of the City Watch is now one of the leading officers of the Anarch organization FAUST.

Siegfried is a reasonable person, but make no mistake. He is a formidable fighter.

Main Locations:
- Atacolypse
- Werk II


Siegfried is a Veteran of the Völkerschlacht of 1812. After fighting valiantly to the death, the young soldier was snatched from the reaper at the last moment, embraced by a Brujah elder.

Seeing Leipzig go through much pain over the cause of his unlife, Siegfried has always fought with the city’s best interests at heart.

Siegfried has strong ties and feelings of responsibility towards both Clan Brujah and the Anarchs of Leipzig. He will never forgive the brutal attacks on Connewitz in 1994, after which he stepped down as sheriff to help with the re-organization of FAUST.

Siegfried Lorenz

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