Toreador Princess, Opera Singer, Famous Writer


Clan: Toreador
Generation: ?

Sect: Camarilla
Affiliation: High Society

Her majesty spends most of her time in the glittering Stachel at Augustusplatz and is primarily famous for her theatrical plays and poems, that are often performed at Moritzbastei.

While everything but beautiful in appearance, Susanna has a lovely voice and is often the main event at Opernhaus Elysium.

Susanna is very busy between her duties as prince and being the social center of Kindred High Society. While I wouldn’t recommend wasting her time, getting on her majesty’s good side can open many doors…


You know quite little about the princess’ past, especially before her arrival in Leipzig in 1915.

Susanna is famous among Kindred for her resolution of the 1994 events.


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