Florian Wolf

FAUST, Cook, Atacolypse Owner


Clan: Gangrel
Generation: 11th

Sect: Anarch
Affiliation: FAUST

Florian Wolf is the owner of the Atacolypse Restaurant in Connewitz, and Veteran of the FAUST organization.

A great cook when he was human, Flo is able to use his augmented Gangrel senses to create relatively cheap food of incredible taste and aroma. His animalistic nature allows him to swallow and devour bloody foods; Flo loves himself some steak.

A peaceful person at heart, the ferocious Gangrel in him enjoys the rush of a good brawl. The Wolf is quite ready to fight and die for the things and people he feels connected to.


Part of the Drifters for most of his life, Flo has finally found a home to settle down. For the lone wolf, that was quite a step, and he is still often restless and uneasy.

He ponders moving on alot, while running wild through the extensive forests that border Connewitz, but never quite gets around to doing it. He can’t really admit it to himself, but his heart belongs to FAUST.

Florian Wolf

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