Bronislawa Prusinski

"Moonchild", Artivist Poet, Childe of Jürgen Ackermann


Clan: Caitiff / Toreador
Generation: 13th

Sect: Anarch
Affiliation: Artivists

Sire: Jürgen Ackermann

The beautiful Bronislawa Prusinski is a famous poet and song writer. The Childe of Artivist Jürgen Ackermann is never far from her beloved.

Favourite Locations:
- Werk II
- Moritzbastei
- Atacolypse


“Howling for the moon”, her most recognized work, is a deeply inspiring poem about the loneliness of the wolf, the longing for the unattainable. Few people can withstand the power of her words, and even centuries old vampires are said to have shed tears when they first read it.

This famous poem has gotten her the affectionate nickname of “Moonchild”.

I dance on silver lakes
You watch me slumber from above
Forever our paths alone
I am only happy, in my dreams
- B. Prusinski

Bronislawa Prusinski

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