Professor Bach

Tremere Keeper of Elysium, Aspiring Harpy


Clan: Tremere
Generation: 10th

Sect: Camarilla
Affiliations: Tremere, Leipzig University, High Society

The friendly old professor has been tied to Leipzig University for over a century, both as Kine and Kindred. His hearty, likeable laugh is often heard echoing from the corners of Albertina Elysium.

Professor Bach has a special talent for telling stories, and you might find yourself entranced with his personality. He claims the title of Harpie with his contender, Lyle Kerstein.


Born in Dresden in 1893, Thorsten Bach studied linguistics and literature at Leipzig University.

Blessed with a touch of genious, his photographic memory and great social skills predestined him for a career as professor, which he became rather quickly after one of his published articles on literary theory caught the eye of a Tremere Elder.

The likeable professor won the hearts of most of his students and was greatly missed after his retirement in 2009. Little did the students know that Bach was 116 years old at the time.

Professor Bach

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