This group of artists is comprised mostly of Anarch Toreador, but also features vampires from other clans and even a few humans.

The group styles itself as “artivists”, a compound of “artist” and “activism”.

Their main goal is to portray society through art, criticising “the system” and protesting the unfair distribution of wealth and power. Little do the humans know that the group’s works of art are often clever mockeries of vampiric society, while apparently seeming to criticize human world capitalism.

The artivists are based in the famous Werk II, as well as in several (mostly occupied) buildings that serve as feeding ground, art gallery or personal elysium to the clique.

Operating almost exclusively within Connewitz, the clique does maintain a few outposts in other areas of the city, most notable of which is Project Liška in Lindenau.

Influential Members:
- Jürgen Ackermann, Manager at Werk II
- His childe, Bronislawa Prusinski, famous Poet, “Moonchild”
- Christina Marek, in charge of Project Liška
- Riley, Expressionist Dancer, “Coyote”
- Peter Hinke, Publisher of “Connewitzer Kreuzer” magazine


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