City Watch


The city watch has been around since medieval times and has always been under the firm grip of Clan Brujah and their Ghouls.

Famous for the role the watch played in the events of the Völkerschlacht in 1813, many Kine have feelings of nostalgia for the watch, visible in the fanbase of City Watch Völkerschlacht re-enactors around Leipzig.

In modern day Leipzig, the term City Watch is used exclusively by Kindred to refer to the Camarilla City Garrison.

While still firmly dominated by Clan Brujah, the City Watch employs Vampires from a variety of Clans for their special talents, namely Tremere and Nosferatu.

Notable Members:
- ????, Sheriff of Leipzig
- Friedrich Herschel, Brujah Primogen, advisor to the Sheriff

City Watch

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